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Producer Tag Ideas – Generic Beat Tag Lines

I’ve provided some script ideas for your producer tags. You can replace [producer name] with your name. I’m not really good at long detailed writing, so let’s just get straight to what you came here for.

1. “[producer name], this is a banger!” – You can use a sexy female voice or a energetic male voice for this)

2. “Made by [producer name]” – Male or female voice can be used (female preferably)

3. “[producer name] on the beat!” – A female voice is best suited for this one. It can be energetic or seductive.

4. “[producer name]” – You can get a female to simply whisper your name in a sexy tone

5. “[producer name] with another banger” – Male or female voice can be used.

6. “[producer name] why’re you doing me like this” – Seductive female voice.

7. “[producer name] made this beat. Why didn’t you pay for it though?” – Female or male voice can be used.

9. “[producer name], drop the beat” – Female voice.

10. “[producer name], this is a certified banger!” – Best suited for male voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom DJ Drops Online

Q: Why do DJs use drops in their mixes?
A: They use DJ drops to add life and energy to their mixes. Custom DJ drops are also used for branding.

Q: How to make your own DJ drop script?
A: To create your own DJ drops you need to think about what you need to accomplish with the drop. You can use the following script template to spark a few ideas: DJ Drops Script Template

Q: How much does a custom DJ drop cost?
A: A professional custom DJ drop can cost any where between $15 and 70 USD. You can get semi professional and amateurish DJ drops for way less than that though, say $5, on online marketplaces like Fiverr.

Q: Where to find DJ drops for making mixes?
A: You can get your custom DJ drops here at We have American female DJ drops, Jamaican male DJ drops, and many more voices to come. All of our drops are recorded and mixed to professional standards.

Q: What is the difference between a DJ drop and a DJ name tag?
A: A DJ name tag is a form of DJ drop that usually says only the DJ name. A regular DJ drop can say a wide variety of other things and usually runs up to 10 seconds.

Q: How do I remove DJ drops from a song?
A: I would advise against doing that, but you can try using a program like Izotope’s Music Rebalance and see where it gets you.

Q: What would be good scripts for gospel DJ drops?
A: A good script for a gospel DJ drop could be, “Enjoy the blessings with DJ John, on Hot 95 FM” you can get some more gospel script ideas here: DJ Drops Script Template

Q: What do you look for in a radio sweeper or a DJ drop?
A: The main thing a DJ normally look for in a DJ drop/radio sweeper is the recording quality and performance delivery.

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Things To Consider When Writing Script for DJ Drops

Lets get straight to it.

You need to make sure that your script makes sense both to the voiceover artist and your listeners.

You want the artist to clearly understand the message in the script so they can deliver it with confidence (without sounding like they are reading from a script)

An example of a bad script is, “Now in mix DJ Hype. Yep”

Imagine you’re a voiceover artist and a client sends that script to you, would you be able to deliver it with 100% confidence? I think not.

An example of a good script is, “You’re now in the mix with DJ Hype, on Hot 95 FM”

That’s a good script because the message is crystal clear.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is if your DJ drop would be better suited for a male or female voice artist.

Imagine being a male voiceover artist and one day a male client sends in a script that reads, “DJ Mark, you are making me hot”

That job would be rejected immediately! right? Exactly.

So for the best end result, make sure that your script suits the personality and gender of the voiceover artist.

Thats all I have to say for today.

If you need American female DJ drops, you can get them here: Custom Female DJ Drops

You can also get Jamaican male DJ drops here: Custom Jamaican Male DJ Drops

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Funny Jamaican Jokes – Short Caribbean Jokes

Today I share with you some funny Jamaican jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Jamaican Man Vs White Man Vs Chinese Man

A white man, a Chinese man, and a Jamaican were asked by the king to swim across a river infested with crocodiles, and the one to make it across will be rewarded greatly.

The white man went first, got chewed up. The Chinese man went thereafter, and was met with the same fate, as soon a the king could’ve said to the Jamaican that he was next, the Jamaican was already on the other side of the river looking very upset. The king asked him what is it he wants for his gift? Still fuming the Jamaican replied, “I want to catch the man who shoved mi off inna the water!”


A Jamaican man was ironing his shirt when his phone rang. Instead of answering the phone, he took up the iron and burnt off one of his ears.

When the man reached the hospital, the doctor saw both ears burnt off. The man explained what had happened then the doctor asked, “How come both ears burn off then?” The man replied, “The bloodclaat idiot go call mi back!’


Yardman was in bed with his wife when her phone went off at 3 am. He answered it and angrily replied “Why the raas you don’t go call the weather office and find out. The wife asks “Who is it calling so damn early in the morning?” Yardman says “Some idiot asking if the coast clear”

Madman Mail Box

One day a lady was walking down the street and saw a ‘mad man’ writing something. Out of curiosity, she asked what he was writing. He answered, “Mi a write a letter.” She then asked, “Who are you writing a letter to?” The mad man got a bit annoyed replied, “Nuh mus’ to mi self?!”

The completely shocked lady asked, “What does the letter say?”. The now frustrated mad man responded, “But you are the bigger idiot yuh know, how mi fi know what the letter says and mi nuh get it yet?”

Weedy Dread

A Jamaican rasta walked into a US Bank and handed a bag full of marijuana to the teller.

Angry bank teller: Sir, what the F is this?
Rasta: What kinda foolish question this yuh asking mi? I & I come to open a joint account!!

Slick Boss

The boss of Captain’s Bakery said to his secretary, “I want to have **x with you today. I’ll make it very quick. I’ll throw $5000 on the floor and by the time you bend down to pick it up, I’ll be finished.” She thought about it then called her husband and told him the story. The husband said, “Do it babe but ask him for $10000. Pick up the money very fast so he won’t even have time to get undressed.” She agrees.

An hour goes by then the husband decides to call his wife.

Husband: How did it go honey?

Wife: He used coins babe, I’m still picking them up and he is still f@*king me!!!!!

The husband fainted on the spot!

JDF Soldier and Funny Nuny

A JDF soldier ran up to a nun. Out of breath, he asked, “Please, may I
hide under your skirt. I’ll explain later.” The nun agreed.
A minute later two military officers ran up and asked, “Sister, have you seen a soldier pass by here?” The nun answered, “Yes, I saw him went over there.”
After the officers took off, the soldier crawled from beneath the nun’s skirt.

Soldier: Thank you Sister. I’m hiding because I don’t want to go to war.

Nun: I understand totally.

Soldier: I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, but you have a nice pair of legs!

Nun: If you had looked a little higher, you would’ve seen a great pair of
balls as well…I’m hiding too. I don’t want to go to Iraq

The JDF soldier fainted on the spot.

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How To Write A Dancehall Song In 4 Steps – Neily Hype


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist who’s having writer’s block, today I’ll teach you a 4 step method you can use to write a complete dancehall song quickly. 

You’ll learn about things like dancehall topics, how to come up with a flow, lyrics writing, etc.

Dancehall Song Topics

how to write a dancehall song step 1

The first thing to do when writing a dancehall song is to choose a topic. The topic can be anything, but dancehall songs are usually about street life, partying, or bedroom activities.

Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about.

Flow With The Beat

step 2

Now that you chose a topic, it’s time to find a flow/melody. The most effective way to do this is to mumble along with the beat until you find a flow that excites you, one that you can deliver with confidence.

While finding a flow, you’ll need to think about the song structure as well. Most dancehall songs today use the following:



To make your song more exciting, you’ll want to change up your flow in different sections. You can use a simple flow to deliver the hook while using a multi-syllable rhyme flow with the verses.

Dancehall Lyrics Writing

step 3

Dancehall is not mumble-rap, so no matter how great you think your mumbling sounds, you’ll need to convert it to actual words that the audience can understand. 

To do that, you should find words and phrases that rhyme and flow with whatever you were mumbling. Everything you come up with should also be about the topic of the song.

If you are a beginner, you can use an online rhyme dictionary if you’re having problems coming up with your own lines.

Rough Demo Record

step 4

One of the most important steps when writing a dancehall song is to do a rough recording of the lyrics. Doing this will help you with a couple of things. It will help you remember exactly how you intended to deliver the song if you choose to do the final recording at a later date. It will also give you an idea of how the music will sound to the audience.

You can do a rough recording on a regular smartphone.

How To Write A Dancehall Song – Summary

In summary, when writing a dancehall song, you first choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about, find a flow that matches the beat, come up with the lyrics, then record a rough demo of the song.

That’s It

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Dancehall Studio Acapella – Neily Hype – So Yuh Luv It (90 BPM)

Dancehall Studio Acapella – 90 BPM

SONG: So Yuh Luv It
ARTIST: Neily Hype
GENRE: Dancehall
© 2021 JA’s Finest Productions

You are free to use to use this studio acapella in your production for non-commercial use. Just remember to give credit zeen!

Bless up!

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Key Elements Of A Dancehall Beat – Main Features

As producer, It’s important to know the key elements of a dancehall beat.

When you know exactly what it takes to make a great sounding beat, you waste less time in the sound selection and beat arrangement stages.

The key elements of a dancehall beat are features such as drums, chords, melody and bass.

I will go on to explain these elements in more details to give you a better understanding.

elements of a dancehall beat

1. Drums 

  • Kick 
  • Snare / Clap 
  • Hi hat 

Apart from vocals, drums are the most important element in a beat. In dancehall, we mainly use drum samples such as a kicks, snares and hi hats to create drum patterns. 

2. Chords 

  • Strings  
    Great for hardcore / war type dancehall beats. 
  • Piano 
    Great for any type of chords in general 
  • Plucks 
    Great for happy, tropical sounding beats 

Another key feature in dancehall beats are chords.

Instruments such as strings, pianos and plucks are often used to play dancehall chord progressions.

The choice of instrument depends on the mood that you want the beat to create.

For a dark hardcore beat like this, you would use strings to play staccato chords, while you would use plucks for a more happy and tropical sounding beat like this one

3. Melody 

  • Piano 
  • Guitar 
  • Flute 
  • Vocals 

The melody is the element that usually sticks in the mind of the listeners. Because of this, it is regarded by some as the main element of a beat.  

Instruments such as pianos, guitars and flutes are great to create catchy melodies in dancehall.

Some beats however, don’t have an instrument playing melody, instead the main vocals are used as melodies. 

4. Bass 

  • 808 
  • Sub bass 

Dancehall beats have another key element, the bass line.

808 samples or sub bass patches in a synths normally works in this area.

That’s It

There you have it! I’ve just explained the key elements in a dancehall beat. I hope I’ve helped you somehow.

If any of the information is not clear or if you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know, zeen.

Bless up!