Jamaican Pick Up Lines and Compliments

Tired of the same recycled and outdated Jamaican pick up lines? Here are 15 witty pick-up lines and compliments that are actually used by Jamaican men today.

Jamaican Pick Up Lines & Compliments

1. “Nah lie enuh brownin… a me fia tek care a yuh enuh.”

English Translation: Brown skin girl, I’m not lying… I should be the one taking care of you.


2. “Baby da love ya weh mi have fi yuh comin like corruption ina Jamaica…it cyah stop.

English Translation: Baby, this love that I have for you is like corruption in Jamaica. It can’t be stopped.


3. “Yow chromaz yuh skin look cleana dan Jeezas police reckaad.”

English Translation: Hey Good-looking girl, your skin looks cleaner than Jesus’s police record.


4. “Hear mia seh nuh thickaz, mi oulda put one paah yuh enuh

English Translation: Hear what am saying thickness, I would put one on you.


5. “My girl if yuh cyah gimi yuh numba, just gimi yuh man own. Mi waa ask him a waa guh play ina Cashpot todeh, caah him lucky nuh bumb**laat

English Translation: If you can’t give me your number, give me your man’s number instead. I need to ask him what numbers will be playing in the lottery today, because he’s lucky as f*#k.


6. “Yow thickaz is a Chinese man a yuh faada? Cah mi nah lie enuh yuh look Chang

English Translation: Yo thickness, is your father Chinese? Because I’m not lying, you look strong (Jamaicans pronounce strong as chang….and Chang is a popular surname in China)


7. “Muma mi waa brace yuh paah mi iron mek yuh roar like a lion

English Translation: Girl I want to brace you on my iron, and make you roar like a lion.


8. “Slimaz a how yuh skin suh smooth? a weh yuh baide ina, Supligen?

English Translation: Slim babe, how’s your skin so smooth? What did you take a bath in, Supligen?


9. “Hey gyal yuh nuh tyad? Every night yuh jus a run up an dung ina mi dream suh..Yaah ova dweet now man.

English Translation: Hey girl, aren’t you tired? Every night you’re running around in my dreams. You are overdoing it now.


10. “Goodaz a how you one cock up suh? Can si seh yuh know fi bruk it off enuh”

English Translation: Girl, how do you have such a big a##? I can see that you know how to ride d*#k.


11. “Wahpn baby, mi cyah get yuh numba?”

English Translation: What’s up babygirl, can I get your number?


12. “Baby yuh ting tun up like stove pon a Sunday evening.”

English Translation: Baby you’re hot like stove on a Sunday evening.


13. “My girl yuh walk tight ee. Yuh p#m p#m nah squeeze yuh?”

English Translation: Your walk looks sexy/tight. Isn’t your vag#na squeezing you?


14. “Seet deh, mi done tell yuh dis hid aguh happen enuh… One smile yuh smile an’ mi fall in love aready”

English Translation: See, I told you this was going to happen. You smiled once and I’m in love already.


15. “Stop di guh roun ting b. Yuh cyah just mek wi deh?”

English Translation: Stop playing around girl. Can’t you just let us start a relationship?