Jamaican Riddles & Brain Teasers with Answers

Jamaican riddles & brain teasers

Put your brain to the test with these Jamaican riddles & brain teasers and see how many you can get correct before looking at the answers.

Jamaican Riddles & Brain Teasers

Riddle 1. A boy and a farmer went to Westmoreland to plant some yam. The boy is the farmer’s son, but the farmer is not the boy’s father. What is the farmer’s relation to the boy?
Answer: His mother!
Riddle 2. What is between Trelawny and Ocho Rios?
Answer: The word “and”
Riddle 3. A bull cow and a ram goat came around the corner. They crashed into each other and were injured. Which one caused the accident?
Answer: The cow, because he didn’t blow his horn 🤣
Riddle 4. There’s a king, a president, and a prime minister standing in a room. Which one wears the largest shoe?
Answer: The one who has the largest feet 🤣
Riddle 5. Let’s do basic math. If three sevens equal twenty-one, seven trees equal?
Answer: A small woodland 🤣
Riddle 6. What is in front of women and is also behind cow?
Answer: The letter “w” 🤣
Riddle 7. If 60 seconds make a minute, 60 minutes make an hour, 24 hours make a day, and seven days make a week. How many seconds are in one month?
Answer: 2. The 2nd and 22nd.

Part 2

Riddle 8. Why is it such a difficult task to catch a guinea pig by its tail?
Answer: Guinea pigs don’t have tails.
Riddle 9. Four mongrel dogs were racing from Bull Bay to Kingston. One was in the lead, got tired, then the other three passed and left him behind. What time was it?
Answer: 1:03 (3 pass one)
Riddle 10. How many sides does a Red Stripe beer bottle have?
Answer: 2 sides. Inside and outside 🤣
Riddle 11. All doctors go to university except one doctor. Which doctor is that
Answer: Doctor bird 🤣
Riddle 12. My grandfather has a bull cow that he milks every day except one day. Which day is it?
Answer: None. You cannot milk a bull cow 🤣
Riddle 13. Why are clothes and trains related?
Answer: Because they both spend a lot of time on lines.
Riddle 14. What goes in hard but comes out soft and sticky?
Answer: Chewing gum.

There you have it! A well thought out list of Jamaican riddles with answers.

The listing will continue to be updated so you can always check back for new Jamaican riddles and brain teasers in the future.

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