Q: What if my order isn’t delivered by the time specified?

A: First, make sure to search all your mailboxes (including spam folder) for “neilyhype.com” … If you did that and didn’t see an email from us, use the contact form to get in touch.

Note: Please make sure that you submit a valid email address with your order. If you submit the order with an invalid or wrong email address, you will not receive the order invoice nor delivery (as they would be sent to the email address that you’ve provided)

If you think you’ve submitted an invalid email address, contact us with the order details and an alternative email address so that we can rectify it.


Q: Are commercial rights included in the prices shown?

A: Yes. Commercial rights are granted once an order is delivered-and-accepted.


Q: It says I need a password to download the files. What is the password?

A: It only asks for a password if you click the ‘product’ link. Please make sure to click the ‘download’ link to download the file/s. It doesn’t require a password.