Jamaican Slang Words and Phrases – with English Translation

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Jamaican Slang Words and Phrases

I came up with a long list of popular Jamaican slang words and phrases used in everyday conversations.

The list includes greetings, street slangs, female slangs, pickup lines, proverbs, and more. A standard English translation is also provided with each.

Without too much unnecessary talking, lets get into it.

Jamaican Greeting Phrases

Below is a list of common lines Jamaicans use when greeting another person.

  • Waa gwaan?
    • What is going on? / What’s up?

  • Weh yah deal wid?
    • What are you dealing with?

  • How yuh do? / How dee do?
    • How are you doing?

  • Wah di pree?
    • What’s the motive?

  • Everything bless?
    • Is everything ‘great’ with you?

  • Waa guh dung?
    • What’s going down with you?

  • Weh yuh upto?
    • What you up to?

Greeting Responses

Here are some popular and common Jamaican greeting responses:

  • Mi deh yah
    • Am here

  • Mi nah deal wid
    • Am not dealing with anything really

  • Everything criss man
    • Everything is ‘good’

  • Nutn really, just a gwaan tek it easy enuh
    • Nothing really, just chilling

  • Yeah man, everything is everything
    • Yes, all is well

  • Nutn really, just a wul a medz
    • Nothing really, just holding a meditation

  • Deh yah enuh, a gwan maths up some food
    • Am here, just cocking some food

Jamaican Goodbye Phrases

There are a number of ways to say goodbye in patois. Here are a few:

  • Inna di marrows enuh
    • See you tomorrow

  • Likle more / Lata (late-a)
    • Later

  • Inna di lights
    • See you in the morning

  • Mi gaan
    • Am gone

  • Mi agu lef yah now
    • Am leaving right now

  • Mi a come guope a yard now
    • Am going home now

  • Mi wi si yuh lata
    • I will see you later

Jamaican Street Slang Phrases

Lets take you to the streets! Below is a list of slangs used mostly by the inner city youths of Jamaica.

  • Mad up yuh ting bro gad
    • Do your thing bro

  • Man a gyalist ina di street
    • Am a ladies man out here

  • Up enuh mi g
    • Much respect bredrin

  • Nahmal a lie / Nawmal a lie (Normal, a lie?)
    • This is normal, am I lying?

  • Stop bait up yuhself, fassy
    • Stop exposing yourself, punk

  • Yuh done know di badness guh enuh
    • You already know we are real gangsters

  • A who yuh man?
    • Who are you suppose to be?

  • Mi nuh play wid bwoy a road
    • I do not play around with people

  • Pon a big man level
    • On a higher note

  • Big woman ting
    • Real talk
  • How yah pree mi suh?
    • Why are you looking at me like that?

  • Wah di pree? / y pre?
    • What’s the motive? / what’s on your agenda?

  • Stop loud up mi ting dawg
    • Stop letting everyone know my business bro

  • Waa gwaan daadi?
    • What’s up gangster?

  • We a beat dem bad
    • We are beating them bad

  • Di ting shot!
    • The thing is lit!

  • Di ting crawb up
    • The thing is grimy

  • Dawg yah waste man enuh
    • You are a useless man

If you need a vocal sample pack of some Jamaican street slangs words and phrases, you can get it here: Jamaican Street Slang Vocal Sample Pack

Jamaican Female Sayings

Here are a few lines used mostly by young Jamaican females:

  • A yah suh nice!
    • I like the vibe, it’s exciting

  • Wah gwaan goodie?
    • What’s up girl?

  • A dat wid you now
    • That’s what I can’t stand with you

  • Yeah you
    • Yes

  • Yuh know mi got di good good
    • You know I have a honeypot / good vagina

  • Mi iggy fi har
    • I want to fight her (Iggy means ignorant)

  • Doh mek mi done yuh
    • Don’t let me curse you out

Jamaican Pickup Lines and Lust Phrases

You should know by now that Jamaican men have the sweetest mouth and wittiest pickup lines. A real ‘yaad man’ also fantasize a lot about women.

Here is a list of lustful phrases and pickup lines commonly used by Jamaican men:

  • Jah know da gyal deh thick
    • Damn that girl is thick

  • Baby yuh skin clean like Jesus police record
    • Girl you have beautiful skin

  • Baby yuh body set gud like ice inna mi freeza
    • Girl you’re so sexy

  • Babes da smile deh coming like it waa gimi diabetes
    • You have a very sweet smile

  • Is a man like me fi a stomp out da supn deh enuh b. Mi can seet inna yuh yiy seh yuh man nah strike it right
    • I should be the man for you. I can see it in your eyes that your man is not giving you pleasure

  • Pssst browning, beg yah minute a yuh time nuh
    • Hey pretty lady, can I get a minute of your time

  • Mi woulda put one pon yuh enuh
    • I would make love to you

  • Mi nah lie enuh, mi really like yuh enuh b
    • No lies, I really like you girl

  • From wa day mi notice mi jus cyah stop think boh yuh
    • From the other day I noticed I just cant stop thinking about you

  • Baby yuh ting fat till e buff up inna yuh jeans
    • Your kitty is printing out in your jeans

  • Da bwoy deh a clown b, a me fi a deh wid yuh
    • Your man is not right for you, I should be the one to bring you pleasure

  • Beg yah taste off yuh lips dem nuh, the economy a gwaan a way all sweety a get expensive
    • Can I get a kiss

Jamaican Proverbs

Here’s a list of some thoughtful Jamaican proverbs:

  • Wa nuh kill yuh, fatten yuh
    • What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.
  • Cowad man kip soun bone
    • Its better to be a coward stay alive than to lose your life by being impulsive.

  • Old fire stick easy fi ketch
    • Old relationships are easily re-kindled.

  • When trouble tek yuh pickney shut fit yuh
    • When you are in trouble you will do unimaginable things to try and get yourself out of it.

  • Wa gaan bad a mawnin cyah come good a night
    • Things that went bad from the start wont magically become good in the end.

  • Mi come fi drink milk, mi nuh come fi count cow
    • I came to do my job, not to watch or gossip about what doesn’t concern me.

  • Yuh cyah ketch quako, yuh ketch him shout
    • If you cannot find him, get someone close to him.

  • Wanti wanti cyah get it, but getty getty nuh want it
    • Those who want it cant have it, but it comes easily to those who do not care to have it.

  • Poun a fret cyah buy ounce a debt
    • Sitting and worry wont pay the bills.

  • Long run, short ketch
    • No matter how long you run from your punishment, you will be caught one day.

  • Taam drunk but taam nuh fool
    • Tom might appear drunk, but he is aware of what is going on.

  • Sorry fi mawga dawg, him tun roun bite yuh
    • Sorry for the unfortunate, they turn around and disrespect you when things get better.

  • Good fren betta dan pocket money
    • Its better to have good friends around than to have a lot of money but no one to enjoy it with.

  • Bush have eyes and wall have ears
    • You would be shocked to know who knows your deepest secrets.

Jamaican Slang Words and Phrases – Extras

Here are some extra patois slang words and saying:

  • Yuzeet
    • You see it / You see what am saying

  • Zeen
    • Cool?

  • Yuzimi
    • You see me

  • Yuh done know
    • You already know

  • Mi nuh too sure
    • Am not too sure

  • Mi nuh care weh yah seh
    • I don’t care about what you are saying

  • A mi fi tell yuh
    • I should be the one to tell you

  • Yuh jus a waste time
    • You are just wasting time

  • Yah wase a time
    • You don’t deserve my time

  • Deh yah pon di enze
    • Am at home / I’m at the usual location

  • A same thing mi dida pree enuh
    • I was thinking of the same thing

  • Mi a fawud
    • Am coming

  • Yah real scabby enuh
    • You are a scavenger

That’s It

Please note that the list is always updating, so you can check back a next time for some fresh words, pickup lines and phases, etc.

Bless up yuself zeen!

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