Custom DJ Drops


?You’ll receive the recording/s without any effects (dry vocals)
?You’ll receive the recording/s with vocal effects (eq, reverb, etc.)
?You’ll receive the recording/s with vocal effects and sound effects (eq, reverb, airhorn, impact, siren, etc.)
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Q: In what audio format do you deliver the DJ drops?
A: WAV audio format.


Q: Do you do free revisions?
A: We’ll happily revise or re-record the DJ drops if we’ve mispronounced or skipped words from your script. Apart from that, no.


Q: What is the maximum length of each DJ drop?
A: 10 seconds, but don’t worry much about that. Just don’t submit a long script that you know will run longer than an average DJ drop.


Q: What are your delivery times?
A: Within three (3) days.


Q: Where will the DJ drops be delivered?
A: To the email address that you provide at checkout.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: PayPal. You can pay using your credit/debit card via PayPal as well (even if you don’t have an account)


Q: How do I know that I can trust you with my money?
A: You can verify my authenticity on my website ( or on Facebook (