Seductive Female DJ Drops


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Seductive Female DJ Drops

Need a soft and sexy female voice to record your DJ drops? You can get it here today.

Get your custom DJ drops recorded by a seductress with a sexy American voice. Provide your custom script, place your order and receive your DJ drops within 1-2 days.

Check out the audio samples above to get an idea of what your order will sound like (in terms of vocal style and quality)

About The Voice Over Artist

Gender: Female
Accent: American English
Location: America
Tone: Sexy, Seductive, Sultry, Erotic
Expertise: DJ Drops, Producer Tags

If you have further questions, please check out the FAQ below or contact Neily Hype for more info. Otherwise, feel free to place your order at any time.


Q: In what audio format do you deliver the DJ drops?
A: You will receive the files in WAV audio format.

Q: Can I get the raw voiceover recording?
A: Yes. Just make the request when entering your information.

Q: Do you do free revisions?
A: She will happily revise or re-record the DJ drops if she had mispronounced or skipped words from your script. Apart from that, no.

Q: What is the maximum length of a seductive female DJ drop?
A: 10 seconds, but don’t worry much about that. Just don’t submit a long script that you know will run longer than average female DJ drops.

Q: What are your delivery times?
A: Within two (2) days.

Q: Where will the DJ drops be delivered?
A: To the email address that you provide at checkout.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: PayPal. You can pay using your credit/debit card via PayPal as well (even if you don’t have an account)