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2 Hilarious Jamaican Trick Questions

1. “Ansa mi Yes or No… Yuh stah fuh dah??”

Translation: “Answer this question with Yes or No…. You stopped f**king dogs?

Most common answer: NO!
Reason: Most people will say ‘no’ because they don’t fully understand the question.

The ones who understand the question might say ‘No’ as well, because they think ‘No’ means “NO! I do not f**k dogs” … They don’t realize that ‘No’ only means “No, I haven’t stopped f**king dogs”

Least common answer: Yes!
Reason: Some people might answer this trick question saying ‘Yes’, not realizing that ‘Yes’ only means “Yes! I’ve stopped f**king dogs”

Correct answer: “I cannot answer your question with a simple yes or no. I’ve never f**ked a dog before, and I will not start.”

2. Me name ME, and you name YOU. Who f**ked di dog??”

Translation: “My name is Me, and your name is You. Who f**ked the dog?

Most common answer: YOU!!!
Reason: Most people will quickly say ‘You’ because they forget that ‘You’ is their name.

Least common answer: Me!
Reason: A few people will say ‘Me’, which is actually the correct answer (Its just funny hearing someone saying ‘Me’ to a question like this)