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How to make Reggae Dub Delay on Mixer

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make the reggae dub delay effect.

Things you need

  • Hardware Mixer
  • Delay Unit / Audio Interface
  • Computer, Delay Plugin, DAW (if you don’t have a delay unit)

I myself don’t have an hardware delay unit, so I used a VST delay plugin in FL Studio.

Audio Routing:

  • Route ‘FX Send’ from the mixer to an input on your delay unit OR to an input on your audio interface (to use VST effects from a DAW)
  • Route the output from your delay unit or audio interface to a line input on your mixer. You can use the headphones output or the main output from the audio interface.

Delay Effect Settings:

  • Set your delay effect to repeat only once.
  • That single repeat will feedback into itself, aka feedback loop.

IMPORTANT: USE WITH CAUTION!!!! The feedback loop can become very loud. This can cause damage to your ears and equipment.