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FREE Reggae Dancehall Vocal Samples – Run Chune (DJ sound effects)

Reggae Dancehall Vocal Sample – Run Chune

Today am giving away another reggae dancehall vocal sample sound effect. The vocal line in this one says “Run Chune!”

I know this will be of use to many reggae & dancehall DJs across the world.

Free MP3 download here:
Run Chune Vocal Sample

Quantity: 4

Voice Artist: Neily Hype

Add this vocal sample to your DJ sampler arsenal, and stay tuned for more!

Remember you can also get custom dancehall style DJ drops here:
Custom Dancehall DJ Drops

Please note that this vocal sample is free only for DJ purposes. If you are music producer who need to use this sample in your production, please get in touch with me first.

Bless up!

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Free Reggae Vocal Sample (Little Drum Pan Sound) DJ Sound Effects

Reggae Vocal Sample – Little Drum Pan Sound

Today am giving away another reggae dancehall vocal sample sound effect. The vocal line in this one says “A wah happen to some boy and dem little drum pan sound!”

I know this will be of use to many reggae & dancehall DJs across the world.

Free MP3 download here:
Little Drum Pan Sound – Vocal Sample

Quantity: 1
Voice Artist: Neily Hype

Add this vocal sample to your DJ sampler arsenal, and stay tuned for more!

Remember you can also get custom dancehall style DJ drops here:
Custom Dancehall DJ Drops

Please note that this vocal sample is free only for DJ purposes. If you are music producer who need to use this sample in your production, please get in touch with me first.

Bless up!

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Jamaican Slang Words and Phrases – with English Translation

jamaican slang words and phrases thumbnail

Jamaican Slang Words and Phrases

I came up with a long list of popular Jamaican slang words and phrases used in everyday conversations.

The list includes greetings, street slangs, female slangs, pickup lines, proverbs, and more. A standard English translation is also provided with each.

Without too much unnecessary talking, lets get into it.

Jamaican Greeting Phrases

Below is a list of common lines Jamaicans use when greeting another person.

  • Waa gwaan?
    • What is going on? / What’s up?

  • Weh yah deal wid?
    • What are you dealing with?

  • How yuh do? / How dee do?
    • How are you doing?

  • Wah di pree?
    • What’s the motive?

  • Everything bless?
    • Is everything ‘great’ with you?

  • Waa guh dung?
    • What’s going down with you?

  • Weh yuh upto?
    • What you up to?

Greeting Responses

Here are some popular and common Jamaican greeting responses:

  • Mi deh yah
    • Am here

  • Mi nah deal wid
    • Am not dealing with anything really

  • Everything criss man
    • Everything is ‘good’

  • Nutn really, just a gwaan tek it easy enuh
    • Nothing really, just chilling

  • Yeah man, everything is everything
    • Yes, all is well

  • Nutn really, just a wul a medz
    • Nothing really, just holding a meditation

  • Deh yah enuh, a gwan maths up some food
    • Am here, just cocking some food

Jamaican Goodbye Phrases

There are a number of ways to say goodbye in patois. Here are a few:

  • Inna di marrows enuh
    • See you tomorrow

  • Likle more / Lata (late-a)
    • Later

  • Inna di lights
    • See you in the morning

  • Mi gaan
    • Am gone

  • Mi agu lef yah now
    • Am leaving right now

  • Mi a come guope a yard now
    • Am going home now

  • Mi wi si yuh lata
    • I will see you later

Jamaican Street Slang Phrases

Lets take you to the streets! Below is a list of slangs used mostly by the inner city youths of Jamaica.

  • Mad up yuh ting bro gad
    • Do your thing bro

  • Man a gyalist ina di street
    • Am a ladies man out here

  • Up enuh mi g
    • Much respect bredrin

  • Nahmal a lie / Nawmal a lie (Normal, a lie?)
    • This is normal, am I lying?

  • Stop bait up yuhself, fassy
    • Stop exposing yourself, punk

  • Yuh done know di badness guh enuh
    • You already know we are real gangsters

  • A who yuh man?
    • Who are you suppose to be?

  • Mi nuh play wid bwoy a road
    • I do not play around with people

  • Pon a big man level
    • On a higher note

  • Big woman ting
    • Real talk
  • How yah pree mi suh?
    • Why are you looking at me like that?

  • Wah di pree? / y pre?
    • What’s the motive? / what’s on your agenda?

  • Stop loud up mi ting dawg
    • Stop letting everyone know my business bro

  • Waa gwaan daadi?
    • What’s up gangster?

  • We a beat dem bad
    • We are beating them bad

  • Di ting shot!
    • The thing is lit!

  • Di ting crawb up
    • The thing is grimy

  • Dawg yah waste man enuh
    • You are a useless man

If you need a vocal sample pack of some Jamaican street slangs words and phrases, you can get it here: Jamaican Street Slang Vocal Sample Pack

Jamaican Female Sayings

Here are a few lines used mostly by young Jamaican females:

  • A yah suh nice!
    • I like the vibe, it’s exciting

  • Wah gwaan goodie?
    • What’s up girl?

  • A dat wid you now
    • That’s what I can’t stand with you

  • Yeah you
    • Yes

  • Yuh know mi got di good good
    • You know I have a honeypot / good vagina

  • Mi iggy fi har
    • I want to fight her (Iggy means ignorant)

  • Doh mek mi done yuh
    • Don’t let me curse you out

Jamaican Pickup Lines and Lust Phrases

You should know by now that Jamaican men have the sweetest mouth and wittiest pickup lines. A real ‘yaad man’ also fantasize a lot about women.

Here is a list of lustful phrases and pickup lines commonly used by Jamaican men:

  • Jah know da gyal deh thick
    • Damn that girl is thick

  • Baby yuh skin clean like Jesus police record
    • Girl you have beautiful skin

  • Baby yuh body set gud like ice inna mi freeza
    • Girl you’re so sexy

  • Babes da smile deh coming like it waa gimi diabetes
    • You have a very sweet smile

  • Is a man like me fi a stomp out da supn deh enuh b. Mi can seet inna yuh yiy seh yuh man nah strike it right
    • I should be the man for you. I can see it in your eyes that your man is not giving you pleasure

  • Pssst browning, beg yah minute a yuh time nuh
    • Hey pretty lady, can I get a minute of your time

  • Mi woulda put one pon yuh enuh
    • I would make love to you

  • Mi nah lie enuh, mi really like yuh enuh b
    • No lies, I really like you girl

  • From wa day mi notice mi jus cyah stop think boh yuh
    • From the other day I noticed I just cant stop thinking about you

  • Baby yuh ting fat till e buff up inna yuh jeans
    • Your kitty is printing out in your jeans

  • Da bwoy deh a clown b, a me fi a deh wid yuh
    • Your man is not right for you, I should be the one to bring you pleasure

  • Beg yah taste off yuh lips dem nuh, the economy a gwaan a way all sweety a get expensive
    • Can I get a kiss

Jamaican Proverbs

Here’s a list of some thoughtful Jamaican proverbs:

  • Wa nuh kill yuh, fatten yuh
    • What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.
  • Cowad man kip soun bone
    • Its better to be a coward stay alive than to lose your life by being impulsive.

  • Old fire stick easy fi ketch
    • Old relationships are easily re-kindled.

  • When trouble tek yuh pickney shut fit yuh
    • When you are in trouble you will do unimaginable things to try and get yourself out of it.

  • Wa gaan bad a mawnin cyah come good a night
    • Things that went bad from the start wont magically become good in the end.

  • Mi come fi drink milk, mi nuh come fi count cow
    • I came to do my job, not to watch or gossip about what doesn’t concern me.

  • Yuh cyah ketch quako, yuh ketch him shout
    • If you cannot find him, get someone close to him.

  • Wanti wanti cyah get it, but getty getty nuh want it
    • Those who want it cant have it, but it comes easily to those who do not care to have it.

  • Poun a fret cyah buy ounce a debt
    • Sitting and worry wont pay the bills.

  • Long run, short ketch
    • No matter how long you run from your punishment, you will be caught one day.

  • Taam drunk but taam nuh fool
    • Tom might appear drunk, but he is aware of what is going on.

  • Sorry fi mawga dawg, him tun roun bite yuh
    • Sorry for the unfortunate, they turn around and disrespect you when things get better.

  • Good fren betta dan pocket money
    • Its better to have good friends around than to have a lot of money but no one to enjoy it with.

  • Bush have eyes and wall have ears
    • You would be shocked to know who knows your deepest secrets.

Jamaican Slang Words and Phrases – Extras

Here are some extra patois slang words and saying:

  • Yuzeet
    • You see it / You see what am saying

  • Zeen
    • Cool?

  • Yuzimi
    • You see me

  • Yuh done know
    • You already know

  • Mi nuh too sure
    • Am not too sure

  • Mi nuh care weh yah seh
    • I don’t care about what you are saying

  • A mi fi tell yuh
    • I should be the one to tell you

  • Yuh jus a waste time
    • You are just wasting time

  • Yah wase a time
    • You don’t deserve my time

  • Deh yah pon di enze
    • Am at home / I’m at the usual location

  • A same thing mi dida pree enuh
    • I was thinking of the same thing

  • Mi a fawud
    • Am coming

  • Yah real scabby enuh
    • You are a scavenger

That’s It

Please note that the list is always updating, so you can check back a next time for some fresh words, pickup lines and phases, etc.

Bless up yuself zeen!

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DJ Drops Ideas – The Ultimate Script Template

dj drops ideas

I came up with a template of over 50 custom DJ drops ideas to help with your script writing when purchasing your next DJ drop.

The list include ideas for basic DJ drops, old school DJ drops, online DJ drops, female DJ drops, energetic DJ drops, etc.

Below is a list with DJ drops ideas that you can use as they are, or you can edit them to your liking.

Basic DJ Drop Ideas

  1. DJ Name Here
  2. You are now in the mix with ‘DJ Name Here
  3. We grooving with ‘DJ Name Here
  4. You’re rocking with ‘DJ Name Here
  5. You’re chilling with ‘DJ Name Here

Old School DJ Drop Ideas

  1. Bringing it back to the old school, its – ‘DJ Name Here
  2. Taking it back to the 90’s ‘DJ Name Here
  3. You are chilling with ‘DJ Name Here‘, lets take it back to the old school.
  4. Taking you back to the 80’s, its ‘DJ Name Here
  5. These young cat don’t have a clue about good music. ‘DJ Name Here‘, take them back to the old school!

Energetic DJ Drop Ideas

  1. DJ Name Here‘, Turn up!
  2. DJ Name Here‘ is in the mix. Lets get crazy!
  3. Ready to turn it up a notch, its ‘DJ Name Here
  4. Hey ‘DJ Name Here‘, let get lit!
  5. You’re partying with ‘DJ Name Here‘. Get your drinks up!

Radio Drops Ideas

  1. You are in tune with ‘DJ Name Here‘ on ‘Radio Station Name Here‘.
  2. Welcome to, ‘Radio Segment Here‘ on ‘Radio Station Name Here‘. Keep it locked in.
  3. Radio Station Name Here‘. We play the latest ‘Genre Of Music Here
  4. Whenever am in ‘City Here‘, I listen to nobody but ‘DJ Name Here
  5. We keep things on fire at ‘Radio Station Name Here‘.

Dark DJ Drop Ideas

  1. You’re hearing the sounds of ‘DJ Name Here‘. Straight hardcore music anytime, anywhere!
  2. You are rocking with ‘DJ Name Here‘. Its going down right here, right now!
  3. DJ Name Here‘ is about to shake thing up, be prepared!
  4. DJ Name Here‘, they know we don’t pay around.
  5. Repping for the real thugs in ‘City Here‘, its ‘DJ Name Here

Female DJ Drop Ideas

  1. You’re in the mix with ‘DJ Name Here‘, the baddest female DJ on earth!
  2. As we all know, girls run the world! Hey ‘DJ Name Here‘, show them what’s up!
  3. Nobody does it like ‘DJ Name Here‘. She crazy!
  4. She’s not just the best female DJ, she’s one of the best DJ’s in general! Give it up for ‘DJ Name Here
  5. Hey ‘DJ Name Here‘, girl you got it locked!

Ideas For Female Voice Artist

  1. DJ Name Here‘, you’re making me hot.
  2. DJ Name Here‘, ‘Moan Here
  3. You are in the mix with ‘DJ Name Here‘, the ladies favorite DJ.
  4. Hey ‘DJ Name Here‘, can you take me home tonight?
  5. DJ Name Here‘, you are my favorite DJ
  6. Oh my god I like this! ‘DJ Name Here‘, can you rewind and play it again?

Gospel DJ Drop Scripts

  1. Enjoy the blessings with ‘DJ Name Here‘, on Hot 95 FM ‘
  2. Giving god the glory, it’s ‘DJ Name Here
  3. You are in the mix with ‘DJ Name Here‘, spinning the music that blesses your soul.
  4. DJ Name Here‘, giving all the glory to god
  5. Keep it locked with ‘DJ Name Here‘, your favorite gospel DJ
  6. DJ Name Here‘ plays nothing but the gospel?

For Special Occasion

  1. DJ Name Here‘ is sending a shout out to the beautiful birthday girl, here’s a special song for you darling.
  2. Give it up for the newlyweds, ‘DJ Name Here‘ gonna bless you with a some sweet love songs right now.
  3. DJ Name Here‘ live in the mix. Don’t forget to show some support at the bar. Its a good vibe.
  4. All single ladies, this one is for you. ‘DJ Name Here‘, kick it!
  5. You are in the mix with ‘DJ Name Here‘. All the ladies who hate their baby daddy make some noise!

Online DJ Drops Ideas

  1. Streaming live, its your boy ‘DJ Name Here
  2. Follow ‘DJ Name Here‘ on all social media platforms at ‘Social Media Handles Here
  3. To get the latest ‘Genre Here‘ mixes, visit ‘Website/Streaming Platform Link Here
  4. You know its your boy ‘DJ Name Here‘, streaming live!
  5. Shout out to the live stream. You know its ‘DJ Name Here‘ holding it down.

DJ Drops Ideas – Extra

  1. Hey ‘DJ Name Here‘, wicked selection!
  2. You’re listening to – ‘DJ Name Here‘. Are you ready for some new music?
  3. Yo ‘DJ Name Here‘, keep the fire blazing.
  4. DJ Name Here‘, this it it!
  5. Its your boy ‘DJ Name Here‘ throwing down another urban jam.
  6. DJ Name Here‘ bringing the heat!
  7. Ladies, don’t try to pretend. You know you can’t resist ‘DJ Name Here
  8. Blazing the decks and rocking your speakers, its ‘DJ Name Here
  9. You are in the mix with ‘DJ Name Here‘. Hottest DJ on the scene right now!
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, ‘DJ Name Here‘ is gonna take you on a musical journey. Turn up the bass, turn up the sound. You’re gonna get an experience that you’ll never forget!

That’s It

Please note that these script ideas wont work well with Jamaican style DJ drops.

I usually record a lot of reggae dancehall type DJ drops so you can check out some of my audio samples here.

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Key Elements Of A Dancehall Beat – Main Features

As producer, It’s important to know the key elements of a dancehall beat.

When you know exactly what it takes to make a great sounding beat, you waste less time in the sound selection and beat arrangement stages.

The key elements of a dancehall beat are features such as drums, chords, melody and bass.

I will go on to explain these elements in more details to give you a better understanding.

elements of a dancehall beat

1. Drums 

  • Kick 
  • Snare / Clap 
  • Hi hat 

Apart from vocals, drums are the most important element in a beat. In dancehall, we mainly use drum samples such as a kicks, snares and hi hats to create drum patterns. 

2. Chords 

  • Strings  
    Great for hardcore / war type dancehall beats. 
  • Piano 
    Great for any type of chords in general 
  • Plucks 
    Great for happy, tropical sounding beats 

Another key feature in dancehall beats are chords.

Instruments such as strings, pianos and plucks are often used to play dancehall chord progressions.

The choice of instrument depends on the mood that you want the beat to create.

For a dark hardcore beat like this, you would use strings to play staccato chords, while you would use plucks for a more happy and tropical sounding beat like this one

3. Melody 

  • Piano 
  • Guitar 
  • Flute 
  • Vocals 

The melody is the element that usually sticks in the mind of the listeners. Because of this, it is regarded by some as the main element of a beat.  

Instruments such as pianos, guitars and flutes are great to create catchy melodies in dancehall.

Some beats however, don’t have an instrument playing melody, instead the main vocals are used as melodies. 

4. Bass 

  • 808 
  • Sub bass 

Dancehall beats have another key element, the bass line.

808 samples or sub bass patches in a synths normally works in this area.

That’s It

There you have it! I’ve just explained the key elements in a dancehall beat. I hope I’ve helped you somehow.

If any of the information is not clear or if you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know, zeen.

Bless up!

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The Art of Producing Custom DJ Drops

The Art of Producing Custom DJ Drops

Custom DJ drops are mainly used to serve 2 purposes, to remind the listeners of who the DJ is, and to add vibes and energy to the mix. 

In order to produce a catchy, custom DJ drop, there are a few things that you need to have. 

The first and most important thing, is a naturally interesting voice.
Other things include:  

  • A computer/ Smart phone 
  • Microphone   
  • Headphone/Studio Monitors 
  • DAW (e.g., Pro Tools, FL Studio, etc.) 

Brain Storm 

After the DJ has provided you with the basic details like their name, city etc. It’s time to brainstorm a couple ideas.  

Say for example a customer needs a custom DJ drop and gives you this info:  

Name: DJ Bird Beak 
City: London 

You need to base the DJ drop around that info.

Your first script idea could be like “You’re in the mix with DJ Bird Beak, London’s finest!” 

Your next script could be like “Hey DJ Bird Beak! let’s show them how we do it in London!” 

If you are Jamaican, you could come up with something like “Yeah man yuh done know a DJ Bird Beak a shell the place! Wah gwan London! 

After you come up with at least 2 scripts, it’s time to decide which one sounds best. You can make that decision yourself or ask others for opinions.  

The Recording Process 

Make sure that you memorize the script so that you don’t have to read while recording. This allows for the DJ drop to sound natural and authentic. 

Also remember to “Say it like you mean it”. Make sure that you are confident in every single word that comes out of your mouth. 

The Editing Process 

You should remove all unwanted noise and artifacts from your recording. This includes any background noise, rumbles, sibilance, plosives etc. 

You can add a little reverb and delay to give the voice a little more taste as well. 

Finally, export the file, preferably in WAV audio format.