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DJ Drops Script Ideas – Jamaican Female

  1. Yuh ina di mix wid [Your DJ Name]
  2. You’re listening to [Your DJ Name] … the ladies favourite
  3. [Your DJ Name] … numba 1 selecta fi di gyal dem!
  4. Hey [Your DJ Name] … da mixtape ya bad
  5. [Your DJ Name] … in the mix
  6. Yuh hearing the sounds of the one and only… [Your DJ Name]
  7. [Your DJ Name] …. yuh bad eee
  8. You are vibing with [Your DJ Name] … keep it locked
  9. Taking it back to the oldschool, its yuh boy [Your DJ Name]
  10. [Your DJ Name] …the baddest[Your DJ Name] … run di riddim!
  11. Hey [Your DJ Name] … yuh done know a you a my favourite DJ
  12. Yuh done know, yuh kicking it wid [Your DJ Name]
  13. [DJ Name] … da mixtape ya have a buzz

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