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DJ Drops Script Ideas – Jamaican Female

  1. Yuh ina di mix wid [Your DJ Name]
  2. You’re listening to [Your DJ Name] … the ladies favourite
  3. [Your DJ Name] … numba 1 selecta fi di gyal dem!
  4. Hey [Your DJ Name] … da mixtape ya bad
  5. [Your DJ Name] … in the mix
  6. Yuh hearing the sounds of the one and only… [Your DJ Name]
  7. [Your DJ Name] …. yuh bad eee
  8. You are vibing with [Your DJ Name] … keep it locked
  9. Taking it back to the oldschool, its yuh boy [Your DJ Name]
  10. [Your DJ Name] …the baddest[Your DJ Name] … run di riddim!
  11. Hey [Your DJ Name] … yuh done know a you a my favourite DJ
  12. Yuh done know, yuh kicking it wid [Your DJ Name]
  13. [DJ Name] … da mixtape ya have a buzz

Need a Jamaican female voice to record your DJ drops? Get it here: Jamaican Female DJ Drops

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DJ Drops Script Ideas – Reggae Dancehall

  1. Yuh ina di mix wid [Your DJ Name]
  2. A [Your DJ Name] a blaze di fire enuh
  3. Yuh done know yuh kicking it with [Your DJ Name]
  4. [Your DJ Name] … di general!
  5. A Neily Hype a represent fi [Your DJ Name] enuh
  6. Yo [Your DJ Name], none a dem fool deh nuh deh pon yuh level
  7. Right ya now yuh vibing with [Your DJ Name]
  8. Yo [Your DJ Name] … da mixtape ya nuh normal!
  9. [Your DJ Name] … da one ya bad nuh bumb*cl*at!
  10. A [Your DJ Name] a lock di street, yuzeet
  11. [Your DJ Name] … run some chune fi di gyal dem
  12. Yow [Your DJ Name] … a wa do dem?!
  13. Yuh listening to [Your DJ Name] … di sickest ting pon di scene right
  14. Yow [Your DJ Name] … wheel up da chune ya an drop it again mi general!
  15. [Your DJ Name] … ina di mix
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2 Hilarious Jamaican Trick Questions

1. “Ansa mi Yes or No… Yuh stah fuh dah??”

Translation: “Answer this question with Yes or No…. You stopped f**king dogs?

Most common answer: NO!
Reason: Most people will say ‘no’ because they don’t fully understand the question.

The ones who understand the question might say ‘No’ as well, because they think ‘No’ means “NO! I do not f**k dogs” … They don’t realize that ‘No’ only means “No, I haven’t stopped f**king dogs”

Least common answer: Yes!
Reason: Some people might answer this trick question saying ‘Yes’, not realizing that ‘Yes’ only means “Yes! I’ve stopped f**king dogs”

Correct answer: “I cannot answer your question with a simple yes or no. I’ve never f**ked a dog before, and I will not start.”

2. Me name ME, and you name YOU. Who f**ked di dog??”

Translation: “My name is Me, and your name is You. Who f**ked the dog?

Most common answer: YOU!!!
Reason: Most people will quickly say ‘You’ because they forget that ‘You’ is their name.

Least common answer: Me!
Reason: A few people will say ‘Me’, which is actually the correct answer (Its just funny hearing someone saying ‘Me’ to a question like this)

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How to make Reggae Dub Delay on Mixer

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make the reggae dub delay effect.

Things you need

  • Hardware Mixer
  • Delay Unit / Audio Interface
  • Computer, Delay Plugin, DAW (if you don’t have a delay unit)

I myself don’t have an hardware delay unit, so I used a VST delay plugin in FL Studio.

Audio Routing:

  • Route ‘FX Send’ from the mixer to an input on your delay unit OR to an input on your audio interface (to use VST effects from a DAW)
  • Route the output from your delay unit or audio interface to a line input on your mixer. You can use the headphones output or the main output from the audio interface.

Delay Effect Settings:

  • Set your delay effect to repeat only once.
  • That single repeat will feedback into itself, aka feedback loop.

IMPORTANT: USE WITH CAUTION!!!! The feedback loop can become very loud. This can cause damage to your ears and equipment.

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How to use VST Plugins as Insert Effects on Hardware Mixer

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to insert software VST plugins to an analog hardware mixer.

Things needed

  • Analog hardware mixer (I’m using a ‘Mackie ProFX10’ Mixer)
  • Audio interface (I am using a ‘Focusrite Scarlett Solo’ audio interface)
  • Computer
  • Software plugins via a DAW (I used a vocoder and delay plugin within FL studio)


  1. Connect your audio source to the mixer (I’m using a mic, connected with an XLR cable as audio source)
  2. Route the ‘Insert’ from your audio source channel to the input on your audio interface
  3. Route the output of your audio interface to a free channel on your mixer (You can use both the headphones jack and/or the monitor output from the audio interface)
  4. Connect your audio interface to your computer via USB
  5. Set your DAW to use your audio interface as input and output (Try to use the lowest latency that your system can handle without issues)
  6. In your DAW, monitor the signal from your audio interface’s input (I’m monitoring input 2 because that’s where my mixer is connected)
  7. Insert the effects on the track that you’re monitoring

AND THAT’S IT! You can use this method to add eq, compression, distortion, actually any effect that you can think of (in real-time) Hope this was helpful.

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Red flags to look for as a seller on Fiverr

It’s good to know how to spot scam buyers and time wasters. That’s why I’ve gathered a list of red flags that every seller should look out for when selling on Fiverr.

1. Bought Basic package then ask for Premium service.

Some buyers do this because they know most sellers would bite the bullet and complete the premium package rather than cancel the order.

Please don’t fall for this. I wouldn’t even recommend that you send the buyer a gig extra. Just cancel the order right away. If you’re scared that the cancellation will affect your account, contact Fiverr support and ask them to cancel it for you.

2. Unclear instructions with unrealistic expectations

The most annoying thing is when a buyer places an order but doesn’t provide clear instructions. Then when you ask for more information, they hit you with something like, “Just surprise me!”.

It’s like these buyers think that Fiverr freelancers are mind readers.

Most times, when you try to ‘surprise‘ these buyers, you end up in a revision loop instead.

3. Threatens negative review

Scenario 1

Buyer: I just placed my order. Make sure you deliver by 6 pm this evening!

Seller: Sorry, my turnaround time is four (4) days, as stated in my description. It’s impossible to deliver by 6 pm today. Do you want to cancel the order and search for another Fiverr seller?

Buyer: It should not take 4 days! If you don’t deliver my order by 6 pm this evening, you’ll get 1 star!

In cases like this, contact Fiverr support and do two (2) things:

  1. Report the buyer for breaking the TOS.
  2. Ask them to cancel the order without affecting your account.

Scenario 2

Buyer: I let my boss hear the voiceover that you delivered. He doesn’t like it. Let us cancel the order.

Seller: I am in a contract with you, not your boss. I have delivered the voiceover according to YOUR specifications. I will not cancel the order.

Buyer: What??!!! Cancel the order now, or else you will get 1 star!!!

In a case like this, you should do two (2) things:

  1. Report the buyer for breaking Fiverr’s TOS.
  2. Prepare to respond to the negative review with facts.

4. Wants to dictate your prices.

These types of buyers usually send you a message along the lines of “This service should not be so expensive.” OR “I will not pay so much for this.” OR “Other sellers are selling cheap. Why are you so expensive??”

Ignore these types of buyers. They do not respect your time nor value your work.

5. Will tip you if everything goes well.

If a buyer says, “Can you do it for half the price? I will tip you the balance if I love what you deliver.” RUN!!!

Even if they love what you delivered, they can say they don’t. These buyers often will leave negative reviews as well, to make it seem like they genuinely weren’t pleased.

So, you’ll get less money, plus a bad review.

Please do not ignore these Fiverr red flags.

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FREE Reggae Dancehall Vocal Samples – Dash Weh Dat (DJ sound effects)

Reggae Dancehall Vocal Sample – Dash Weh Dat

Today am giving away another reggae dancehall vocal sample sound effect. The vocal line in this one says “Yo DJ dash weh dat!”

I know this will be of use to many reggae & dancehall DJs across the world.

Free MP3 download here:
Dash Weh Dat Vocal Sample

Quantity: 2

Voice Artist: Neily Hype

Add this vocal sample to your DJ sampler arsenal, and stay tuned for more!

Remember you can also get custom dancehall style DJ drops here:
Custom Dancehall DJ Drops

Please note that this vocal sample is free only for DJ purposes. If you are music producer who need to use this sample in your production, please get in touch with me first.

Bless up!