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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom DJ Drops Online

Q: Why do DJs use drops in their mixes?
A: They use DJ drops to add life and energy to their mixes. Custom DJ drops are also used for branding.

Q: How to make your own DJ drop script?
A: To create your own DJ drops you need to think about what you need to accomplish with the drop. You can use the following script template to spark a few ideas: DJ Drops Script Template

Q: How much does a custom DJ drop cost?
A: A professional custom DJ drop can cost any where between $15 and 70 USD. You can get semi professional and amateurish DJ drops for way less than that though, say $5, on online marketplaces like Fiverr.

Q: Where to find DJ drops for making mixes?
A: You can get your custom DJ drops here at We have American female DJ drops, Jamaican male DJ drops, and many more voices to come. All of our drops are recorded and mixed to professional standards.

Q: What is the difference between a DJ drop and a DJ name tag?
A: A DJ name tag is a form of DJ drop that usually says only the DJ name. A regular DJ drop can say a wide variety of other things and usually runs up to 10 seconds.

Q: How do I remove DJ drops from a song?
A: I would advise against doing that, but you can try using a program like Izotope’s Music Rebalance and see where it gets you.

Q: What would be good scripts for gospel DJ drops?
A: A good script for a gospel DJ drop could be, “Enjoy the blessings with DJ John, on Hot 95 FM” you can get some more gospel script ideas here: DJ Drops Script Template

Q: What do you look for in a radio sweeper or a DJ drop?
A: The main thing a DJ normally look for in a DJ drop/radio sweeper is the recording quality and performance delivery.