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Producer Tag Ideas – Generic Beat Tag Lines

I’ve provided some script ideas for your producer tags. You can replace [producer name] with your name. I’m not really good at long detailed writing, so let’s just get straight to what you came here for.

1. “[producer name], this is a banger!” – You can use a sexy female voice or a energetic male voice for this)

2. “Made by [producer name]” – Male or female voice can be used (female preferably)

3. “[producer name] on the beat!” – A female voice is best suited for this one. It can be energetic or seductive.

4. “[producer name]” – You can get a female to simply whisper your name in a sexy tone

5. “[producer name] with another banger” – Male or female voice can be used.

6. “[producer name] why’re you doing me like this” – Seductive female voice.

7. “[producer name] made this beat. Why didn’t you pay for it though?” – Female or male voice can be used.

9. “[producer name], drop the beat” – Female voice.

10. “[producer name], this is a certified banger!” – Best suited for male voice.